Samsung Galaxy S3 3G PARTS

If you’re looking for genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 3G replacement screens and parts, you will find everything you need here, at Parts Depo Australia! We are an Australian-based online shop, shipping phone spares throughout Australia. Our warehouse in Brisbane, Queensland stocks everything you need to keep your Samsung smartphone in perfect condition.

Whether you want to repair your phone by yourself or let us do it for you, there’s a one-year warranty or two-year extended warranty on everything you purchase from us. If you’re a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3 3G phone, there’s no need to upgrade your phone and spend lots of money to buy a new one.

This model has outstanding battery life, performance and an abundance of features. With the range of replacement parts we offer, you can save lots of money and keep your Samsung working. Our offer includes Samsung Galaxy S3 3G replacement screen, top speaker, bottom speaker, microphone, battery, front camera, back camera, charging port and many more parts you may need. Just browse through this page and see what parts we have available at the moment.

If you need additional information or you have experienced a problem with your order, feel free to ask us anything, anytime!

$ 124.90
Including GST of: $ 11.35
Samsung Galaxy S3 3G (i9300)...

Samsung Galaxy S3 3G (i9300) front screen LCD + digitizer assembly (white)...

$ 13.90
Including GST of: $ 1.26
Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G...

Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G (i9300/i9305) Front Camera

$ 27.50
Including GST of: $ 2.50
Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G...

Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G (i9300/9305) Loudspeaker Headphone Jack

$ 16.50
Including GST of: $ 1.50
Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G...

Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G (i9300/9305) Keypad

$ 22.00
Including GST of: $ 2.00
Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G...

Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G (i9300/9305) Back Camera

$ 20.90
Including GST of: $ 1.90
Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G...

Samsung Galaxy S3 3G/4G (i9300/9305) Audio Speaker Flex