HTC Moldes

HTC was founded in 1997 and earned a lot of its early fame by being recognised for designing and manufacturing many of the most well-known OEM-branded mobile devices available. Since 2006, critics have been raving over their mobile devices and smartphones powered by Android and Windows phone operating systems. Their laser-like focus on excellence has HTC sitting among the top of the food chain in everything mobile.

Both of their popular phones, the HTC Desire and the One, feature state of the art technologies, slim and comfortable-to-grasp features, and amazing performance. Protect your phone or replace any broken screens with the wide selection of accessories and parts offered by Parts Depo Australia.

Parts Depo Australia has some of the best priced phone accessories for various HTC mobile phones including popular models like the HTC Desire 300, Desire G7, Desire HD, the One X and One XL. Our list of parts include replacement screens, top and bottom speakers, front and back cameras, batteries, charging ports and more. Can’t find what you need? No problem, ask us and we’ll do the rest for you at the best shipping prices in the industry.