Identify iPad Models


Common Mistake

As a phone repair technician just starting out in the industry it is very easy to order and reorder the wrong parts and accessories from us and other suppliers because they do not know how to identify devices. There are so many different models and types of smart devices around in today's society all with similar looks and builds; without the proper know how it can be easy to mistake one model for the other. We here at TTA would like to extend a helping hand and share our knowledge with you. On the back or in the settings of every device its "Model number" can be found. For example, Apple devices have their model numbers located on the back of the device is a for digit code starting with A i.e. A1524


Models of iPad sold in Australia


Model Year Introduced Model Number Order Parts
iPad Air 2 ( Wi-Fi & Cellular) Late 2014 A1567 View iPad Air 2 ( Wi-Fi & Cellular)
iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) Late 2014 A1566 View iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi)
iPad mini 3 ( Wi-Fi & Cellular) Late 2014 A1560 View iPad mini 3 ( Wi-Fi & Cellular)
iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi) Late 2014 A1599 View iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi)
iPad Air ( Wi-Fi & Cellular) Late 2013 A1475 View iPad Air ( Wi-Fi & Cellular)
iPad Air (Wi-Fi) Late 2013 A1474 View iPad Air (Wi-Fi)
iPad mini 2 ( Wi-Fi & Cellular) Late 2013 A1490 View iPad mini 2 ( Wi-Fi & Cellular)
iPad mini 2 (Wi-Fi) Late 2013 A1489 View iPad mini 2 (Wi-Fi)
iPad 4 with retina Display (Wi-Fi & Cellular) Late 2012 A1460 View iPad 4 (Wi-Fi & Cellular)
iPad 4 with retina Display (Wi-Fi) Late 2012 A1458 View iPad 4 (Wi-Fi)
iPad mini ( Wi-Fi & Cellular) Late 2012 A1455 View iPad mini (Wi-Fi & Cellular)
iPad mini (Wi-Fi) Late 2012 A1432 View iPad mini (Wi-Fi)
The New iPad ( Wi-Fi & Cellular) Early 2012 A1416 View The New iPad ( Wi-Fi & Cellular)
The New iPad ( Wi-Fi) Early 2012 A1430 View The New iPad ( Wi-Fi)
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) 2011 A1395 View iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)
iPad 2 GSM model 2011 A1396 View iPad 2 GSM
iPad (Wi-Fi) 2010 A1219 View iPad (Wi-Fi)
iPad (Wi-Fi & 3G) 2010 A1337 View iPad (Wi-Fi & 3G)




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