iPhone Models

If you're looking for genuine iPhone parts, you will find them here, at Parts Depo Australia! We have a wide range of high quality Apple parts to choose from: charging ports, batteries, speakers, cameras, replacement screens and many other spare parts. Amongst our selection, we have since iPhone 3G until iPhone current models which you understand that you prefer to use your phone rather that buy new one.

Maybe you’re searching for spare parts in order to repair Apple products for others, or you wish to repair your own device? Whatever the reason, buying spare parts allows you to keep your electronic equipment in working order. With the range of replacement parts we offer, there’s no need to waste your money and replace your phone.

Our warehouse is located in Brisbane, Queensland and everything you order will be shipped from there. Our complete range of offers is displayed here. Browse our stock below and contact us if you have any additional questions or can’t find the spare part you need.